Graphic Design Services

Quality images, color, and typography will greatly enhance your message!
Let us help you appeal to your audience through:

Printed materials

From signage to rack cards to newsletters, one-time events or ongoing publications, we’ve got you covered!


Branding may include logo design or redesign; a custom brand guide with suggested typefaces (fonts) and colors; letterhead, business cards, and other stationery; and branded merchandise. What do you want to create?

Other visual pieces

Need images for social media, infographics, or a poster? Bring your ideas.

Editing Services

Even the best writer need an editor! Besides spotting typos, a good editor or proofreader  looks for all kinds of consistencies in style and format that may not even occur to the writer.

We will add the next level of professionalism to your book manuscripts, resumes, proposals, web copy, menus…really anything that contains words!

Different types of editing are needed for various writers and stages of writing. Take a look at these descriptions, and contact me to determine your project’s needs! 

Essentially a more accurate version of spell check, this step usually happens AFTER typesetting, just before publication, and may involve:

  • Correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Checking proof against original
  • Checking spacing and formatting consistency
  • Querying or correcting errors or inconsistencies that may have escaped an editor or writer


This is the most common (and most necessary) type of editing. Copy/Line editing ensures your writing flows smoothly and makes sense to your readers while maintaining your voice. Focuses on readability and may involve:
  • Correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Reworking sentences and paragraphs for clarity
  • Improving sentence structure for flow, persuasiveness, and consistency
  • Noting permissions needed to publish copyrighted material
  • Cross-checking references, art, figures, tables, equations, and other features for consistency with mentions in text
This type of heavy editing includes reviewing structure, style, grammar, spelling, and more. Structural edits ensure that your arguments are clear, your plot is developed, and your information is presented logically and accurately, and may involve:
  • Improving overall clarity/accuracy
  • Reorganizing paragraphs, sections, or chapters
  • Writing or rewriting segments of text to improve flow/readability

Looks at the big picture, the overall structure and content of your book and suggests changes you can make to improve it based on your audience and goals. This might include recommendations for:

  • Maintaining consistent tone
  • Cutting back or adding content
  • Changes in structure
  • Reworking areas to improve the clarity, flow, structure, and/or argument
  • NONFICTION specifics: coherent/compelling arguments, logical flow, not missing any key points, not too wordy
  • FICTION specifics: plot holes, undeveloped characters, weird pacing, strange jumps in point of view, characters who appear and disappear out of nowhere, inconsistencies, etc.

Book Design Services

For self-publishers who want a polished final product.

Simpler books may get acceptable results from an automated tool followed by a bit of cleaning up and customizing. But even that may be more involved than you think! Books with graphics or more than a few text styles will certainly need more expert attention.

Let us help you assess what level of design your product requires.

Cover design

Interior, hardcopy

Interior, ebook