Standing Tall: My Story of Faith, Hope, and Healing

Book Overview

In December 2010 Ali was paralyzed from the neck down, and a yet-to-be-diagnosed autoimmune disease threatened to take her life. This is the story of how God cared for Ali while she inhabited the valley of the shadow of death, and how He gave her victory on three battlefields:

  • the physical one with her disease;
  • the mental/emotional/spiritual one with discouragement and depression; and
  • the systemic one with a medical system into which she didn’t neatly fit.

Content Editing

Provided substantive and copy/line editing (Levels 2b and 2a under editing services). Increased impact by cutting nearly 20,000 words at the author’s request to cut down on wordiness and overall length.

Book Interior Design

Designed interior layout. Besides chapter headings and epigraphs, created multiple type styles to distinguish regular text from others’ quotes, self-dialogue, scripture, and block quotes. Delivered final files for both print and ebook (Kindle) versions on Amazon.

  • Interior hardcopy (6″ x 9″) layout for Amazon KDP
  • Special COLOR version (gift copies), printed independently (see
  • Ebook layout for Amazon Kindle
  • Photo resizing for optimum results in all versions


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  1. Ali

    Loved working with you and your pursuit for excellence! Ali

    1. KP

      Thank you Ali, it was an honor to be a part of sharing your story!

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