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Graphic Design


Book Design

We get it.

You have something the world needs, and they need to know it. When Karisma Design partners with you to craft your message, you’ll get clear content in a pleasing design—so your audience will get you too.


Graphic Design

  • Logo, letterhead, business cards
  • Brochures, pamphlets, newsletters
  • Conference displays, banners, signage
  • Branded merchandise


  • Consultation
  • Editing & proofreading
  • Manuscripts, proposals and SOQs
  • Web copy and website review

Book Design

  • Interior design/typesetting
  • Book covers
  • Self-publishing helps


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Karis Pratt

I grew up in a musical and creative family who loves words, color, art, logic, excellence, truth, and humor. These are foundations for good communication as well as for life!

I love making text more clear and presentation more beautiful. I listen to discover what you really need, in order to deliver a solution that will delight you.

Clients for two very different projects gave me this identical feedback: “Karis, I love working with you because you just get it!” They hit on something important to them: to be truly heard, and to smoothly reach the desired solution. This is my standard.

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